Whenever the state budget is not passed on time, organisms have to adjust their systems to be able to work with a transitional budget until the new budget is approved. If this is a situation that causes you some disorder, with loss of information, then read the rest of this brochure!
Today companies intend to transform their IT departments into strategic partners, integrated business with the organization to meet corporate objectives. More than providers of technology services, IT departments need to face-tam their users as customers. This requires a focus on quality, transparency, cost management and customer satisfaction.
Each year each agency is responsible for preparing its budget. It is an arduous and time-consuming task, often due to lack of adequate tools for this process. If you are not satisfied with your tual process, see the solutions we have to respond to this need.
In the current market the effectiveness of the sales force plays a key role in obtaining commercial success. A good marketing strategy is in danger of failing if it is not supported on the ground by competent and motivated business. For these reasons, the Sales Force of a company is one of your biggest investments. Monetize your investment imple-menting the solution Sales Force in SAP CRM, a powerful tool that enables significant increased their productivity and sales volume.
ToInovate provides a service that enables its partners to achieve the financial statements and other legal questions, according to the legislation in force, directly from SAP ERP. Our service includes the provision, by way of confirmation of your system and also by importing preconfigured by toInovate models.
ToInovate Consulting is committed to developing solutions that facilitate its partners comply with legal requirements and business. As a result of the introduction of SEPA-Single Euro Payments Area / AREA Single Euro Payments in January 2008, and in regard to making payments within the European space, the boundaries between countries no longer exist.